Live Sex Lines

If you are visiting this site, you are probably wondering where the live sex lines are?  The truth is I found the adult market very cut throat and reliant on good old Google so along with several other adult related sites I used to own, they have all ceased trading. The only difference with this particular site is the domain name was far too good to allow to expire so here it is, parked on a not very adult orientated looking wordpress theme.

When I first purchased the domain name it was used for a mix of live adult related web cam feeds and live telephone sex lines, I later dumped the web cam feeds and concentrated on the phone sex lines. All was going great until one day the site drifted out of the first two pages of google and I decided enough was enough, I am leaving the world of adult webmastering.

The site has never been blacklisted (as far as I know) and maybe someone with the right patience and funding behind them can make a go of it again, if you are interested leave a reply and a contact email address and I’ll be in touch.