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Submissive women who know they are going to be a mans sex toy.

I have always been attracted to strong males, men who can take control in the bedroom. I am willing and wanting to make your wishes come true, you will always be my boss and I eagerly await you to call me on my submissive phone sex line. The feel of being dominated by you when you call is such a strong turn on, oh how I wait to satisfy a real man. I am here to please and serve you in complete unselfish fashion, I want to worship your cock and I will gladly offer you my mouth, ass and pussy as your cock explores my entire body.

He was sleeping as I entered the room, the covers were thrown back exposing his naked body on this warm evening. I stood next to him laying there and gently lifted his cock and placed my lips around it. He had a clean fresh smell, a smell of soap and for that moment I found myself missing the musky man smell which he always had when returning home from a hard day at work. It wasn't long before I started to lose myself as I started to please him.

As I took him in my mouth his cock stiffened, I was unsure if he was still asleep wondering if it was a dream or if he was awake enjoying the attention. His cock was so hard and erect it did not require my hands to hold it in place, anyway, it was deep in my mouth and my sucking action was keeping it in it's excited state. I began to gently cup his balls and as I massaged them his hand reached up and a probing finger penetrated my ass. I had wondered if I might receive a spanking for waking him but instead he was going to treat me to an anal blast. Please call me and tell me what to do to make your wishes come true.

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Since I was a teen I have attracted guys who talk down to me, guys who talk dirty make me have to virtually beg for sex. I often find myself on my knees sucking a guys cock in the hope I might get something in return. I know it is my job to please him though and I am happy for him to spunk in my mouth and I happily swallow everything he has got to offer. Maybe one day he will save some for my aching pussy, if not I will have to continue with the phone sex, I just hope you will allow me to finger my pussy while I please you, if you prefer me not to that is okay.

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My name is Lisa and I want to be your submissive slut and give you phone sex like you have never experienced before. I have yet to find anything too hardcore, I don't mind what your fantasy is. I know the worse and dirtier it is and the nastier you are to me on the phone the better I will enjoy it and although it isn't my place to take pleasure from this I can't help myself. Nothing is too taboo, I love all kinds of role play and fantasy, even non consenting and forced prostitution. I had a boyfriend who used to pimp me out to his mates, I pretended I never liked it but it was great fucking his friends who I had never met before, several of them were just supposed to fuck my pussy hole but I treated them to both a blow job and anal when they fancied it.

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