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I am 18 and I love chatting on the telephone. I am a very sexual girl so I thought what better way to earn some extra money doing something I enjoy, I mean I am always touching myself and I love talking about sex so why not put the two together and have my very own live sex line. I think I enjoy talking about sex because I haven't dare take it any further than that yet, I have had offers but I have so far always said no when it comes to opening my legs for anyone.

I still live at home but my parents are out most evenings and I do have a lock on my bedroom door which is a good thing as they are both very strict and they would not approve of what I do so if I have to speak quietly please understand why.

Just for the record I am still a virgin and I hope that won't put you off having phone sex with me? I admit I still have a lot to learn when it comes to sex but I am hoping that you will teach me a few new tricks when you call my live teen phone sex number. I love exploring my body and touching myself while you talk with me, gosh my pussy gets so wet just thinking about it.

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I was asked to write something for the live sex lines site and as my mind went blank with the thought of doing so I decided to share a true story: One evening I settled down onto the bed with a tube of sensual warm pussy lube which I brought from a local Ann Summers store. You might be thinking what is a teen doing with pussy lube, surely that is for older women? Well I am a virgin and the thought of something as large and as thick as a penis penetrating me one day has had me worried for quite a while.

It goes without saying that I do masturbate myself quite a lot, it isn't anything abnormal, I believe most teens my age do, I actually masturbate at least once a day but I do have friends that say that they do it 3-4 times a day. When I do touch and pleasure myself it is usually though my panties and only by rubbing my clitoris never actually fingering myself, it seems too tight for even a finger to fit in that is why I brought the lube as I thought I would give fingering myself a proper go.

 As I gently worked the lube into my pussy I allowed my mind to wander and fantasies about different guys that I liked soon entered my head, I imagined it was their hand that was playing with me and gently kissing my pussy. Within minutes my own wetness was flowing nicely, my fingers were soaking wet now so tossing the lube to one side I started to explore my pussy more intensely.

My little love bean was hard and extended, with each gentle touch I could feel my pussy muscles contract, it was as if my body was trying to suck my fingers in. I decided it was time to oblige as I ran my finger down the top of my pubic bone and gently between my moist lips. I started to press and with a surprising ease I now had my finger inside my pussy. I pressed further and deeper until it was in as far as it could go, my knuckle was now touching my entrance.

 Wow it felt good, I slowly moved my finger in and out of my pussy and I couldn’t believe I was properly fingering myself for the very first time. After a couple of minutes the sensation was getting less intense, I guess it was my vagina accommodating my finger as it relaxed. Without much of a second thought I used a another finger, damn it felt so mind blowingly good. I continued to finger my slit for a few minutes before slowly extracting them for inspection. I was fascinated at how the glistening slickness stuck to my fingers like honey. I think my head must have then went into auto pilot as I first sniffed and then tasted them. As I started to suck the musky tangy juice my pussy went into a spasm crying out for more fingering.

I returned my hand to my now drenched pussy this time carefully sliding three digits deep into my hole carefully avoiding my clit as I knew one touch of it would have me cumming in seconds. For several minutes I repeated the process, several thrusts into my vagina before sucking the fresh juice from my fingers before starting again. I was so wet, wetter than ever before, at one stage I clenched my thighs together and I could feel the fluid oozing out and down my inner thigh. I want to share with you what happened next personally while touching myself so please give me a call so that I can continue in person.


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